Taylor Childers

Senior Travel Agent

Ona, WV


        Hi! I’m Taylor! Traveling has always been really important to me. I love planning vacations and researching new places to go, whether that be local or abroad! I have been very fortunate to have traveled to a lot of really cool places like Italy, Germany, Iceland, Aruba and Hawaii to name a few! However, one destination has always had a special place in my heart : Walt Disney World. No matter where I travel to, I always come back to Disney World. I started going when I was little, continued to go for sporting events as I got older, convinced my husband to go as an adult trip before we had kids and then I started bringing our children. The magic never gets old, it just get better and better each time I go. 

         I am an elementary teacher and mother of three. My entire life revolves around children (The good things and sometimes the stressful things)! Which is why my specialty is planning trips that the whole family will enjoy. “How to travel with kids and have a blast doing it” to be more precise.

        I have planned Disney trips for own family in all stages of life. From when the girls were just a year old to bringing my 83 year old grandmother with us! There is no wrong time to go to Disney! I have had 2 years of official planning experience and have had many clients with different needs. I love learning and will never stop wanting to learn everything there is to know about the Disney Company. 

       Another thing that I bring to the table is my experience traveling outside of our country. If you are wanting to see a little more of the world, I can guide you with some pretty cool experiences so that you can have the trip of a lifetime! I am very passionate about traveling and would love to share my expertise with you and your family!